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Mille Bornes

The classic French card game.  The premise is that players are in a road race.  Mille Bornes translates as Mile Stones.  Each player attempts to play miles cards until 700 is reached to conclude the hand.  The first to reach 5000 wins.  Along the way, players can play road hazards on each other to slow them down.  Remedy cards are required to undo hazards.  See the Wikipedia page for complete details.

This version of Mille Bornes plays on Windows. This is a time limited non commercial demo.  We do not sell the game, it is not a commercial product.  The game includes English and Spanish language packs and additional languages can be added by using the built in language editor! There are no ads or malware. It's just a game!

Download, right-click and choose 'Extract all'. Open the folder and play!

Screenshot - The Game - This shot shows the normal background.

Download Now (Updated 1/13/2019)

Updated 1/13/2019.

Improved multi language support. Improved color background and color font support.

AI is now tougher to beat! We've ratched up the skills for the computer. You'll also find 2 playing styles in the Preferences menu. Agressive vs Defensive. The backdrop image has been replaced and we added the ability to select a solid color background.

Download notes: Most newer browsers and operating systems do not recognize our software as commonly downloaded yet. These are not digitally signed. You may by be prompted to discard the download and will need to choose to keep it.

Multiplication Quest Pro

Multiplication Quest Pro is a powerful yet simple times table tutor.  It combines several methods for learning times tables including traditional times table layout, counting rows and columns and tricks.  The student can select ranges to work on based on range, multiplier or difficulty.  Successful completion will present the student with a printable Certificate of Achievement!  Registered users can customize the signature on the Certificate of Achievement. A built in History tracker tracks student progress and prepares reports.

The unregistered version is free to use for non commercial or non institutional use.  To use in a commercial or institutional setting, this software must be registered.  Registration is $100.00 and permits you to use at one physical address.  Registered users will receive a customized copy for their institution name including customized Certificate of Achievement.  The Customized copy can be shared as a take home copy for your students!

Screenshot - Main
Screenshot - Count Ladybugs
Screenshot - Tricks
Screenshot - Certificate of Achievement

Download Evaluation Copy

Random Password Generator

Random Password Generator is a simple but powerful utility to generate passwords. Simply place it anywhere on your system, drag it to your Quick Launch bar and begin to use it. A single click generates a random password and places it in the system clipboard, ready to paste.

Random Password Generator is highly configurable. It can easily be configured to generate a password of any lengthy and any complexity. Any characters can be easily included or excluded from passwords. Click here to see the settings file.

To set up, just download the program. Place it in an out of the way folder, then drag it to the Windows Quick Launch area. On first run, it creates a settings file. To edit the settings file, hold control down and run it again. To generate a password, just click it's icon in the Quick Launch area and a new password is placed in the system clip board!

A single user license is $15.00. A facility license (all machines on one physical campus) is just $30.00. An enterprise license (all machines in your organization) is just $100.00.


Download Evaluation Copy

Case Star

A simple utility to change the case of whatever is in the system clip board.  Simply place CaseStar.exe in any folder, then drag it to the Windows Quick Launch area.  On first run, it will generate a settings file telling it to convert to lowercase.  Now you simply copy a sentence, email address, username or any other data to the clip board, click CaseStar and it will be converted to the preferred case and ready to paste.

To change the desired case for future uses, just hold the control key down and click CaseStar.  A menu will pop up and ask for the desired case for future useage.

A single user license is $15.00. A facility license (all machines on one physical campus) is just $30.00. An enterprise license (all machines in your organization) is just $100.00.


Download Evaluation Copy

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