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Chromelook is a graphical user interface to compliment GAM for managing enterprise enrolled Chromebooks.

Chromelook is a graphical user interface front end for the GAM command line tool for managing Google G Suite  Enterprise Enrolled Chromebooks. It takes data from GAM and creates a SQLite database. You are provided with numerous tools to analyse, sort, annotate and organize devices. Once you are done, a GAM script is created that allows you to send the changes to Google.

Using Chromelook with GAM, you can easily and completely organize your Chromebook fleet. Easily add Asset IDs, Locations. Easily organize devices in to managable organizational units. Quickly deprovision any number of devices. You no longer need to use Google Admin or be a commandline guru with Chromelook.

Updated 2019-06-13

New beta's support Windows, macOS, and Linux (all are 64 bit)

Download Chromelook for Windows 64 bit (includes manual)

Download Chromelook for macOS 64 bit (includes manual)

Download Chromelook for Linux 64 bit (includes manual)

Download Chromelook Manual (updated 2019-05-09)

This is a beta version. Please check back for updates weekly. When updating, copy directly over existing files.

Tested on Windows 10, Mojave & Mint



Screen Captures

Root View Org View SQL Query
Bulk Edit Gam Script  



Mille Bornes

The classic French card game.  The premise is that players are in a road race.  Mille Bornes translates as Mile Stones.  Each player attempts to play miles cards until 700 is reached to conclude the hand.  The first to reach 5000 wins.  Along the way, players can play road hazards on each other to slow them down.  Remedy cards are required to undo hazards.  See the Wikipedia page for complete details.

This version of Mille Bornes plays on Windows. This is not a commercial product.  The game includes English and Spanish language packs and additional languages can be added by using the built in language editor! There are no ads or malware. It's just a game!

Download, right-click and choose 'Extract all'. Open the folder and play!

Screenshot - The Game - This shot shows the normal background.

Download Now (Updated 2019-05-09) 32 bit

Download Now (Updated 2019-05-09) 64 bit

Improved multi language support. Improved color background and color font support.

AI is now tougher to beat! We've ratched up the skills for the computer. You'll also find 2 playing styles in the Preferences menu. Agressive vs Defensive. The backdrop image has been replaced and we added the ability to select a solid color background.

Download notes: Most newer browsers and operating systems do not recognize our software as commonly downloaded yet. These are not digitally signed. You may by be prompted to discard the download and will need to choose to keep it.

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